“A creative sound company”
Keunen Audio is a creative audio company that has a focus on artist live show production. Founder Friso Keunen has a clear vision on the way artist develop and produce a live show. This includes a good rehearsal process supported with a strong in-house engineering team, partnering musical direction teams, and a trustworthy in-house supply of audio gear. Being engaged in the the whole proces, from rehearsal to stage, makes for high quality shows that truly represent an artists vision.

Besides live show production, Keunen Audio also provides quality studio recording and mixing for artists.

We are currently on tour with Froukje, Antoon and Yade Lauren. Just moved to a new warehouse, mixing room and office.

Exciting times, with a lot to look forward to!

Stay tuned for more exiting news.

Wiekenweg 32N
3815KL Amersfoort